Drugs And Their Effects
Drugs can act on you in different ways (e. g. calming, hallucinogenic, stimulating). They affect you differently each and every time. How intensely the drug affects you, or if they affect you in a pleasant or unpleasant way, depends on different factors. Decisive factors are:
It depends on which substance you take, the amount you consume and what quality the drugs have.
All illegal drugs show variations in the content of the active substance as well as in any possible pollutants. This applies especially to all chemical substances since you never know exactly what they contain.
The shape of your day, your psychological and physical condition, your experience in drug consumption and most of all, your prevailing mood and expectations influence the effect.
It also depends on in which situation and in which environment you are consuming drugs. It makes a difference if you are at a party with people or if you are alone at home.